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TS Rachel's latest Bondassage video.

February 4, 2020

When people hear the term “Bondassage®,” they automatically think, “What exactly is that?” Don’t fret because this intro to bondage and massage is sure to enlighten the questions you have in mind!

Well, for starters, it’s the concept of combining bondage and massage together.

Although the words “bondage” and “massage” are pretty common, the idea of putting the two together is still foreign to many. There aren’t a lot of resources about it online but that’s understandable. As a newly formed concept, people are just starting to find out the joys of how to incorporate Bondassage into their bedroom.

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life, it might just be what you need. Read on below to find out more about it!



Bondassage is a form of sensual art that has a creatively different approach when it comes to lovemaking.

Although relatively new compared to others, it’s a fully developed technique that gives you the best of both worlds. It does this by integrating light BDSM principles with sensual massage to give you maximum pleasure.

It uses a host of different techniques, as well as light submission methods such as spanking or pinching, instead of the usual traditional BDSM protocol.


A particular distinctive feature of the Bondassage experience is that it makes use of clever sensory deprivation practices. It does this by removing stimuli from one or more of your senses. The result? A practice that encourages an extremely intense extent of relaxation. Aside from harnessing that feeling of relaxation, it adds a deep level of physical delight that also takes the receiver to new levels of bliss.



Bondassage was created by Jaeleen Bennis in 2008. Bennis is a certified massage therapist and professional Dominant who made the idea happen. Currently, she is now teaching classes on how to practice it professionally and personally.

On the professional side, Bondassage has helped enriched a lot of practitioners in their craft.

Many bodyworkers, masseuses, and sex educators have been trained and certified in it. They use it as a form of pleasurable experience and healing.

It’s based on foundational massage techniques. But what makes it different is that it explores a wide range of sensory landscapes. Its aim is to increase pleasure and heighten your senses.

With such a uniquely outstanding concept, people have taken notice and are intrigued about the possibilities it offers.



As previously mentioned, Bondassage have borrowed a number of elements and techniques from bondage. It was then integrated with massage practices. Aside from BDSM tools and techniques, you’ll learn new, innovative ways when it comes to erotic stimulation.

By bringing the best of both worlds, you’ll be able to learn the ropes of how to build the perfect Bondassage session.

You and your partner or client can then achieve new heights of delight and indulgence you’ve never experienced before. That’s why when it comes to insightful tips and tricks you can bring into the bedroom, there’s no lack of it when you learn Bondassage.

The great thing about Bondassage is that whatever your experience level is, there’s a lot of wonderful things you can pick up from learning it. It’s no doubt perfect for those who have a healthy sense of adventure and for anyone looking to spread their wings when it comes to matters of intimacy!



Bondassage offers an experience like no other.

Through the concepts and ideas it teaches, you can be skilled in the art of sensuality and providing pleasure.

But more than that, you’ll be able to learn how to establish better connections and much deeper intimacy in order to experience connection at a higher level and with more increased pleasure.


A sample Bondassage scenario would start with you lightly restraining your partner or client. You then begin exploring their senses by introducing a number of tools. The next scenario alternates it with sensory deprivation for the maximum pleasurable effect. This then inevitably leads to an exquisite sensual journey meant to provide orgasmic bliss to anyone experiencing Bondassage—again and again.

It’s the kind of explosive pleasure that not a lot of people get to experience often. If you’re using it personally with a partner, it will no doubt strengthen your love and connection with each other.

As a practitioner, it will provide a new way for your client to experience pleasure. It’s definitely a jewel to include in your repertoire.



Experiencing Bondassage is definitely an adventure like no other. But before you get to experience it in all its full glory, there are a couple of things you have to keep in mind first.

When it comes to exploring your sensual desires, you have to know how to let go.

A lot of people associate letting go as akin to losing their power, but in Bondassage, it’s actually the other way around.

You’ll absolutely gain a lot by surrendering yourself. Why? Because it allows you to fully immerse yourself in your body. One of the techniques used in Bondassage is sensory deprivation.

When you’re softly blindfolded and lying down with headphones on playing erotic music, you start focusing on the sensual possibilities that await you. The outside world seems like a distant place and you start feeling a sense of erotic anticipation.

Simply put, Bondassage will take you to a place where you can really strip (literally and figuratively) and indulge the different aspects of sensory enjoyment. The whole process makes it easier to embrace pleasure because trust has to be built first before you can let go.



Taking the example scenario in the previous section, it’s definitely much easier to focus on the sensations you’re feeling.

Every gentle knead, touch, and stroke can produce different kinds of pleasure when introduced in a different context or paired with other Bondassage techniques. The options are endless and the only limit is you and your partner’s creativity. For others, it can trigger a deeply relaxing feeling that gets to the core of your being.

The tensions and worries of the day are shed and you start to reach a new level of ecstasy you haven’t experienced before, let alone imagine.

The end result is complete bliss, coupled with the feeling that you’re much more energized and relaxed. If you’re applying it within your relationship, you’ll find that you’re much profoundly connected and intimate with each other.


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