824201594256 LEAVE A COMMENT | Swedish Harmony International

Many of you guys seem to read other peoples shared experiences

(online reviews or comments) on third-party websites and often wonder if

they are true or not.

Most of our clients do not even write reviews but happily read others.

I personally think it is important to share, whether it is positive or negative. We all like and appreciate different things in life.

What might not really work for you, someone else might love, appreciate or desire.

The ladies are individual and so are you. Why not share your experience here on this page? My aim is to make SHI website more member-friendly, and rather than being part of a third party website with all other energies that really have nothing to do with us, I want to move the focus and interactions on to this site. Keep it clean and personal. 


A comment does not necessarily have to be a "review" or a feedback from a meeting with one of the ladies. Feel free to make any comment (or question)

you like, as long as it has a clean language and you think other people

would like to read about it. 

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